Due to whelming demand, AnxietyBox is temporarily broken

But you can sign up! Keep reading. STAY CALM.

BIG HUGE DISCLAIMER: This thing is a novelty that was fun for me--and a little effective. It's not a cure, nothing is a cure. If you are experiencing serious anxiety, take the time to get help from a licensed therapist (which is what I do, too!). If you're feeling suicidal--it happens and is nothing to be ashamed of--get help right now with no delay! You should keep existing. Don't wait for a silly mean robot! If science fiction has taught us anything, it's that you should never count on mean robots.

Okay. My name is Paul Ford. I'm a writer and programmer. You might know me from the radio. You may wish to use AnxietyBox. I'd be happy for that to happen, but I took the website down a little while back because it wasn't designed to support thousands of people. I am currently rebuilding it to support thousands of people.

The Source Code

The code for AnxietyBox and the AnxietyBoxBot is freely available on Github.

What It Looked Like

Anxietybox.com kind of looked like this image, below. My friend Al Rotches helped with a design.

Representative Bot Output

That's it!

Email ford@ftrain.com with any questions. I know you're anxious (really I do!) but I'm getting hundreds of emails and many of them are...impolite. (I've written a guide to politeness if you need help there too.)

If you're in emotional distress: See a therapist! They will help you more than this robot will!